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Revolution Against Tyranny Part One: Warriors of the First Degree Chapter Eleven

Of all the people I had encountered since pulling out of my driveway early the previous morning, God had placed Mark in my life to spend the 12th anniversary of September 11. He had served six deployments overseas in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. I was afraid to ask if he had served anywhere else, lest he have to kill me. He spoke of those times off-handedly, without pride or an over inflated sense of accomplishment. I did not really appreciate the honor of being in this soldier's company until days later when recuperating at home. I'm not really sure I have what it takes to comprehend the sacrifice he and so many others had made since our ancestors declared their independence from the British Empire over two centuries ago. When I take time to contemplate the true price of freedom, my mind can scarce take it in. I know my soul understands because the heart becomes so full of gratitude it overflows through my eyes. What other nation has sent its young men and women to the farthest reaches of the planet over and over again in the name of freedom against tyranny? We understand in the core of our being the words of Christ: "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." All those who suffered under the oppression of despots, tyrants and dictators, all those who are denied their God given rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, all those who yearn to be free, THEY are our friends, THEY are our neighbors. The tragedy that took 3,000 lives on September 11, 2001 was because evil still existed, evil that despised freedom and the search of righteousness. We finally understood what so much of the world had been going through for so long. We had become citizens of the world in our grief and outrage, and finally realized that every American was now a soldier in the fight against the forces of darkness and hatred. Each and every one of us now had to be willing to lay down our life for our friends. In this context, Mark, myself and every lover of freedom were now deployed on the global stage, and we have to not only find the right weapon to fight with (our hands, our minds, our hearts, our words, our love), many of us must learn how to put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:11).

Mark and I crossed Constitution and plodded west toward our transportation. It took every bit of effort on my part to keep up with his long strides, but like a good soldier I sucked it up and kept moving. Bikers still roared through the streets intermittently, filling the heat-packed air with an incessant growl. This day was not seceded to Muslims wanting only to cry about their rights being compromised. This day was not for anyone to complain about anything. There were 364 days of the year to do that. This day was to reflect and remember the precious lives that were brutally snuffed out twelve years ago, and to rededicate ourselves to making sure they had not died in vain. My body was on the cusp of collapsing and my mind was befuddled, but through the mist of my suffering I heard Cookie's raspy voice: "My nephew was on the 103rd floor that day." As long as there was breath in my body, as long as blood coursed through my veins, I would never forget his nephew, nor the other innocent victims trapped in the twin towers or their planes or the Pentagon, nor of the hundreds of first responders who gave their lives trying to save the lives of others. No, I would not forget September 11, 2001, not in all the days of my life.

Eventually we parted ways. I thanked Mark profusely for the honor of his company and then watched as he walked on. He had given me strength enough to endure, but now I had to find it within myself if I ever hoped of making it back to my car and then to a few million gallons of ice water. I only had to ask two pedestrians how to get to the Reagan Building, and eventually stumbled into the Metro station. I stared at the map in my hands and the signs posted around the station and swayed as if listening to some sweet blues song as throngs of people buzzed around me. When I discovered where the train I needed was, I weaved my way there. At one point I came across an escalator that wasn't working and began to ascend. I was grateful there were no others around because my going was slow. About halfway up my legs and arms started shaking with weakness, and I began to lose my grip and step, but a firm hand suddenly supported my back and proceeded to push me up. I thanked whoever it was, too afraid to take my eyes off my feet, and told them they couldn't have timed that any better. My helper didn't say a word but kept steady pressure on my back and supported me the rest of the way. Finally at the top, I turned around to face the Good Samaritan . . . and no one was there. I stood holding the top of the guard rail as the realization of this divine help struck my consciousness like a number 9 ball peen hammer. Had there been a bench or chair I'm sure I would have collapsed into it, but just the rushing sound of my train filled the cavernous station. I had to take my amazement and gratitude with me, although I wanted nothing more than to fall on my face, not from dehydration and heat exhaustion, but from absolute love for my Savior.

The car I entered was almost empty, and I plopped into the first seat I could. The air was cool but I barely noticed, still in shock and awe. That unseen hand was on the hearts of all those who had lost their lives on 9/11, was on the hearts of every American that horrible day, telling us we were not alone, never had been and never will be. I bowed my head in absolute gratitude and worship.

Eventually I arrived at the Metro station where my car was parked. I looked out over the sea of vehicles and completely forgot where I had parked my Focus, so I wandered through it until finding my car at last. Ah, the air conditioning was like a slice of Heaven! I let the cold slowly banish the thick heat emanating from my every pore. In time I drove out of the parking lot and searched for a store or gas station or restaurant that had water. My years of medical training  screamed at me that I was on the verge of heat stroke. It took every single bit of concentration to drive, but even then I recalled the hand on my back, and I found the strength to carry on. To my delight I soon found a Burger King. I practically crawled in and purchased a large drink and a Coke Icee, then proceeded to rehydrate. I didn't notice the biker until he sat across from me and exclaimed "Hey, weren't you there today?" My journey was certainly not over by a long shot.

To be Continued...



”We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

4 Questions To Ask During The Upcoming ObamaCare Public Relations Blitz

Paul Hsieh, Contributor

The battle over ObamaCare will reignite soon, and the next front will be the war for public opinion. The American public remains deeply skeptical of the new law. Many Americans say they will not sign up for insurance in the new “exchanges” scheduled to open October 1, 2013. As a result, the Obama administration is preparing a high-profile public relations blitz to again sell the law to the public.

How Much Will Your Life Be Worth Under Obamacare?

Paul Hsieh, Contributor

How much will your life be worth to the federal government under ObamaCare? Less than you might think. We can make an educated guess by looking at which medical screening tests the government U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) considers worthwhile.

Truckers roar to D.C. with impeachment movement


'The goal is to wake up the sleeping giant, the people of America'


'Plotter' of World Trade Center bombing raises cash for CAIR

It was a sellout crowd at the Council of American-Islamic Relations’ 19th annual fundraising banquet this weekend at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Va.

And one of the featured attractions was a notorious imam who has variously supported stoning or jailing apostates of Islam, the arming of American Muslims and turning the U.S. into an Islamic state governed by Saudi-style Shariah law.

Peter Schiff: Gov’t Takes Money From People & Gives It To Other People Who Didn’t Earn It

Obama’s Claims: “No Widespread Evidence that Obamacare is Hurting Jobs” is a CROCK!

Gun Control: Double-Speak of Our Time III

By Jeb Blackwood

A Bushmaster AR- 15 and the standard military issue M-16

With the establishment of the ATF in 1972, the federal government officially declared war on guns and on gun owners.  As firearms evolved, the Left and their bias toward guns did, as well.  In the 1990s, arbitrary laws were created, ostensibly to stem the tide of gun violence in the United States. Most of these policies were aimed at larger cities, so when the Clinton gun ban was being drafted in 1995-1996 the goal was to decrease the supply for urban criminals, specifically for the types of guns criminals favored.

Gun Control: The double-speak of our time, Part II

By Jeb Blackwood

As referenced in my previous post, guns and the gun control laws surrounding them are as misunderstood as Ozzy Osborne. They mean no harm, even though they both look awfully scary.

Gun Control: The double-speak of our time

By Jeb Blackwood

Recent polls suggest gun control is not that important to the American populous. Except those at an NRA meeting, where people ranked gun control a top priority.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

20 Ordinary Americans Talk About The Economic Despair That Is Growing Like A Cancer All Around Them

by Michael Snyder

There are hundreds of formerly prosperous communities all over America that are being steadily transformed into rotting, decaying hellholes.  The good paying middle class jobs that once supported those communities are long gone, and they have been replaced with low paying service jobs if they have been replaced at all.  When you visit those communities, it is almost as if all of the hope has been sucked right out of the air.  It can be absolutely heartbreaking to look into the hollow eyes of someone that has totally given in to despair, but unfortunately the number of Americans that are giving up on the economy continues to grow. 


 A Letter From an “Obama Peasant” and a List of Over 300 Employers Who Have Cut Their Employees’ Hours Because of Obamacare

It’s a different dustbowl, but this time the media is telling everyone how great it all is.

House Bill Would Protect Catholics from Discrimination on Marriage

By Matthew Archbold

Legislation that is garnering some support from both sides of aisle and leading Catholic bishops was introduced recently in Congress which would prevent the federal government from discriminating against citizens and organizations —including The Cardinal Newman Society and Catholic schools and colleges — that  believe and act in support of traditional marriage.

H.R. 3133, The Marriage and Religious Freedom Act, was introduced by Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho with more than 60 co-sponsors.

“Regardless of your ideology, we can all agree about the importance of religious liberty in America,” he said, according to Christian News. “Our bill will protect freedom of conscience for those who believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman.”

Incidents abound where those who believe and support traditional marriage face legal consequences for their beliefs, especially Catholic schools, colleges and universities.

Catholic Education Daily is an online publication of The Cardinal Newman Society. Click here for email updates and free online membership with The Cardinal Newman Society. 

Politics, Ideas, and the West

This is the first contribution to ISI’s symposium,Conservatism: What’s Wrong with it and How Can We Make it Right?
In 2008, the writer George Packer argued in a New Yorker article
entitled “The Fall of Conservatism” that the disarray then engulfing the Republican Party was actually symptomatic of deeper problems characterizing American conservative thought.

A Humane Economy Needs Growth

In his article, “Roots, Limits, and Love,” Mark Mitchell captures the sentiments of Front Porch Republic fans, who have been crucial to the internal debate within conservatism in recent years. I genuinely admire people on the “crunchy con” side of the conservative spectrum, who remind us that politics should start with human beings, tradition, and localism—not the cult of talk-radio.

Are We Slaves To Our “Freedom”?

By Elisabeth Cervantes

The modern Conservative, Mark Mitchell claims, is represented as an advocate of “pro-growth, pro-war individualism”. And if growth is some sort of motion or action, nobody in their right mind would posit that this is purposeless.
If this is true, toward what, exactly, are we moving?

Ignoring History in the Fight for Conservatism


“It is almost impossible to express the truth of conservatism in our society without seeming to justify our present capitalism. To avoid this, a careful theory is needed in which the idea of limit includes within itself a doctrine of history as the sphere for the overcoming of evil.” – George Grant
The above epigraph is a sort of maxim for me. It puts the horrible impossibility of modern conservatism into succinct, and yet powerful, terms. Mark Mitchell’s recent article “Roots, Limits, and Love” grasps the truth of the first part of what lies above while managing to entirely deny the problem raised in the second sentence. What of time? What of history? What of progress?

Overpopulation: Mother of all myths

The world’s population is declining.

Those are fighting words in most circles but it’s the truth, and it’s occurring right before our eyes.

What Is Wrong with Conservatism, and How Can We Make It Right?

The American conservative movement is facing a crisis. While a strong plurality of voting Americans identify as conservative, it’s apparent to anyone who’s watching that college students are more liberal than ever, and even those who may have identified as conservatives ten years ago are now identifying as libertarians, “pro-liberty,” or, in many cases, not identifying at all.

The need for Anti-ideological Realism

This article is in response to “The Duties of a Free Citizen,” by Kevin Gutzman and is part of the symposium on “What’s Wrong with Conservatism?

The Problem with the Conservative Movement is Movement

What does it mean to be a conservative? Well, Michael Oakeshott once wrote an essay titled “On Being Conservative” and not “On Conservatism.” Oakeshott’s title is deliberate because it reflects his insistence that being conservative is about having a particular disposition.

The Duty to Protect Freedom

This article is in response to The Duties of a Free Citizen and is part of the symposium on “What’s Wrong With Conservatism“?

Donald Trump Explains Health Care

The Awful Responsibility of Time

By Jacob Culberson

“Well kan Senec and many a philosophre / Biwaillen tyme more than gold in cofre, / ‘For loss of catel may revovered be, / But loss of tyme shendeth us,’ quod he.”
-Geoffrey Chaucer, Canterbury Tales (Man of Law’s Tale,lines 25-28)
With every passing hour, it seems, some task, great or small, which we had previously to accomplish by some independent or elaborate means is streamlined, minimized, and absorbed into some ostensibly beneficial and ecumenical instrument (the computer, the smartphone, even the automobile).
Hence, an imperfect illustration: the Swiss Army knife. Such an object combines many of the varied tools of the woodsman, workman, or tinkerer –– the functionality of scissors, knife, pliers, tweezers, etc. available in the form of a single implement. It seeks to save time by saving space and adding convenience.

Adam Smith is rolling over in his grave!

By Jeb Blackwood
Adam Smith, Scottish moral philosopher and the father of modern economics

Economics is quite possibly the most misunderstood discipline at American colleges and universities.

Ted Cruz and the Lost Art of Political Discussion

Yesterday the internet erupted with thoughts on Ted Cruz’s 21 hour speech outlining Obamacare’s threats to American life and politics. Whatever the effects of Cruz’s 21 hour speech, his words speak to the common American citizen, frustrated with the insular, self absorbed world of Washington elitism. Cruz talks plainly and addresses the politically disenfranchised American public by appealing to common sense and self evident truth with facts, letters, and personal stories about the perils of Obamacare.

The Duties of a Free Citizen

By Kevin Gutzman

This is the third contribution to ISI’s symposium, Conservatism: What’s Wrong with It and How Can We Make It Right?
If Russell Kirk was right in saying that conservatism is a disposition, not a program, then one should not presume to lecture one’s fellows on the way in which it ought to head.  I offer the following thoughts, then, not as a program, but as one conservative scholar’s considered stance concerning some of the most important issues of our time.

Roots, Limits, and Love

By Mark Mitchell

This is the second contribution to ISI’s symposium, Conservatism: What’s Wrong with it and How Can We Make it Right?
In one sense, there is nothing wrong with conservatism. The principles remain; reality has not changed. The problem lies in the fact that what passes for conservatism today is not conservative at all or at best a shadowy and distorted version of the real thing. The so-called conservatism promoted by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh is (when a coherent thread presents itself) a fairly standard litany of pro-growth, pro-war individualism, that claims to despise “Big Government” while championing the upward mobility of the most talented and energetic. These ideas, and the policies they spawn, are not conservative.

Thanks To Obamacare, Employer-Based Health Insurance Is Becoming An Endangered Species

by Michael Snyder

Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, and when it comes to health care he has definitely kept his promise.  Thanks to Obamacare, health care spending is up, health insurance premiums are up, the number of hours Americans are working is down and employer-based health insurance is becoming an endangered species.  Of course employer-based health insurance will not disappear completely any time soon, but it has been steadily shrinking for over a decade, and Obamacare will greatly accelerate that decline.  If you goback to 1999, 64.1 percent of all Americans were covered by employment-based health insurance.  That was pretty good.  Today, only 54.9 percent of all Americans are covered by employment-based health insurance, and now thousands upon thousands of U.S. employers are considering reducing the scope of the health plans they offer to employees or eliminating them altogether due to Obamacare.  If you are thinking that this sounds like a potential nightmare for millions of Americans families, you would be exactly right.