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Christmas Day in the Morning


He woke suddenly and completely. It was four o'clock, the hour at which his father had always called him to get up and help with the milking. Strange how the habits of his youth clung to him still! Fifty years ago, and his father had been dead for thirty years, and yet he waked at four o'clock in the morning. He had trained himself to turn over and go to sleep, but this morning it was Christmas, he did not try to sleep.

Why did he feel so awake tonight? He slipped back in time, as he did so easily nowadays. He was fifteen years old and still on his father's farm. He loved his father. He had not known it until one day a few days before Christmas, when he had overheard what his father was saying to his mother.

"Mary, I hate to call Rob in the mornings. He's growing so fast and he needs his sleep. If you could see how he sleeps when I go in to wake him up! I wish I could manage alone."

"Well, you can't Adam." His mother's voice as brisk, "Besides, he isn't a child anymore. It's time he took his turn."

"Yes," his father said slowly. "But I sure do hate to wake him."

When he heard these words, something in him spoke: his father loved him! He had never thought of that before, taking for granted the tie of their blood. Neither his father nor his mother talked about loving their children--they had no time for such things. There was always so much to do on the farm.

Now that he knew his father loved him, there would be no loitering in the mornings and having to be called again. He got up after that, stumbling blindly in his sleep, and pulled on his clothes, his eyes shut, but he got up.

And then on the night before Christmas, that year when he was fifteen, he lay for a few minutes thinking about the next day. They were poor, and most of the excitement was in the turkey they had raised themselves and mince pies his mother made. His sisters sewed presents and his mother and father always bought something he needed, not only a warm jacket, maybe, but something more, such as a book. And he saved and bought them each something, too.

He wished, that Christmas when he was fifteen, he had a better present for his father. As usual he had gone to the ten-cent store and bought a tie. It had seemed nice enough until he lay thinking the night before Christmas. He looked out of his attic window, the stars were bright.

"Dad," he had once asked when he was a little boy, "What is a stable?"

"It's just a barn," his father had replied, "like ours."

Then Jesus had been born in a barn, and to a barn the shepherds had come...

The thought struck him like a silver dagger. Why should he not give his father a special gift too, out there in the barn? He could get up early, earlier than four o'clock, and he could creep into the barn and get all the milking done. He'd do it alone, milk and clean up, and then when his fatherwent in to start the milking he'd see it all done. And he would know who had done it. He laughed to himself as he gazed at the stars. It was what he would do, and he musn't sleep too sound.

He must have waked twenty times, scratching a match each time to look at his old watch-midnight, and half past one, and then two o'clock.

At a quarter to three he got up and put on his clothes. He crept downstairs, careful of the creaky boards, and let himself out. The cows looked at him, sleepy and surprised. It was early for them too.

He had never milked all alone before, but it seemed almost easy. He kept thinking about his father's surprise. His father would come in and get him, saying that he would get things started while Rob was getting dressed. He'd go to the barn, open the door, and then he'd go get the two big empty milk cans. But they wouldn't be waiting or empty, they'd be standing in the milk-house, filled.

"What the--," he could hear his father exclaiming.

He smiled and milked steadily, two strong streams rushing into the pail, frothing and fragrant.

The task went more easily than he had ever known it to go before. Milking for once was not a chore. It was something else, a gift to his father who loved him. He finished, the two milk cans were full, and he covered them and closed the milk-house door carefully, making sure of the latch.

Back in his room he had only a minute to pull off his clothes in the darkness and jump into bed, for he heard his father up. He put the covers over his head to silence his quick breathing. The door opened.

"Rob!" His father called. "We have to get up, son, even if it is Christmas."

"Aw-right," he said sleepily.

The door closed and he lay still, laughing to himself. In just a few minutes his father would know. His dancing heart was ready to jump from his body.

The minutes were endless--ten, fifteen, he did not know how many--and he heard his father's footsteps again. The door opened and he lay still.


"Yes, Dad--"

His father was laughing, a queer sobbing sort of laugh.

"Thought you'd fool me, did you?" His father was standing by his bed, feeling for him, pulling away the cover.

"It's for Christmas, Dad!"

He found his father and clutched him in a great hug. He felt his father's arms go around him. It was dark and they could not see each other's faces.

"Son, I thank you. Nobody ever did a nicer thing--"

"Oh, Dad, I want you to know--I do want to be good!" The words broke from him of their own will. He did not know what to say. His heart was bursting with love.

He got up and pulled on his clothes again and they went down to the Christmas tree. Oh what a Christmas, and how his heart had nearly burst again with shyness and pride as his father told his mother and made the younger children listen about how he, Rob, had got up all by himself.

"The best Christmas gift I ever had, and I'll remember it, son every year on Christmas morning, so long as I live."

They had both remembered it, and now that his father was dead, he remembered it alone: that blessed Christmas dawn when, alone with the cows in the barn, he had made his first gift of true love.

This Christmas he wanted to write a card to his wife and tell her how much he loved her, it had been a long time since he had really told her, although he loved her in a very special way, much more than he ever had when they were young. He had been fortunate that she had loved him. Ah, that was the true joy of life, the ability to love. Love was still alive in him, it still was.

It occurred to him suddenly that it was alive because long ago it had been born in him when he knew his father loved him. That was it: Love alone could awaken love. And he could give the gift again and again. This morning, this blessed Christmas morning, he would give it to his beloved wife. He I could write it down in a letter for her to read and keep forever. He went to his desk and began his love letter to his wife: My dearest love...

Such a happy, happy, Christmas!

by Pearl S. Buck

USSA: Communism in America & Russia

USSA, United SOCIALIST States of America. The Communists in the US have slowly turned America upside down from what it once was. I have seen my country decay since the 60's. In America the Communists are in control of the government whereas in Russia, the people voted the Communists out. The Communists in America who are in the mainstream media, the US government, Democrats and Republicans share the same hatred for Vladimir Putin reflecting the same sentiment as the Communists in Russia.

The Communist Party leader Genady Zyuganov led the rally in Moscow. He came in 2nd to Putin in the presidential election this year. He failed in the 90's as well while Clinton and Obama have been successful. Protesters in Moscow demanded lower fees for housing and public utilities, as well as a halt to rising food prices. They were also calling for Russia to withdraw from the WTO and for the dissolution of Putin's government. In America the Communists have achieved many goals. Half the people do not work or pay taxes and are on government assistance.

American and Russian Communists want bigger government. Obama ,Romney and Zyuganov prefer it. In America they effectively spread "missile and bomb diplomacy" just like the old Soviet Union once did. How quickly people have forgotten the millions who died under Communism, the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. These voters are so quick to give more power to imperfect men and trust less in God rather than be faithful to God and vote for less government as the founding Fathers of America intended.

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The Advent Season

The Advent season marks the beginning of the Christian year in western Christianity. Its length varies from 22 to 28 days, beginning on the Sunday nearest St Andrew’s Day and encompassing the next three Sundays, ending on Christmas Day.

What do people do?

In the Roman Catholic Church and in some Anglican communities the third Sunday is called Gaudete Sunday, from the first word of the introit (psalm or antiphon) “Rejoice”. In some churches rose-colored vestments may replace the purple and flowers may be placed on the altar. In many eastern Christian churches, the church year begins in September 1 so Advent begins at a different time to when it starts in the western churches. The Eastern equivalent of Advent is called the Nativity Fast, which runs for 40 days. It is sometimes called Philip’s Fast, or the Philippian Fast, and begins on the day following the Feast of St Philip the Apostle (November 14).

Advent around the world is usually associated with the Advent calendars that parents give their children to help them count the days until Christmas. Preparation for Christmas is an important theme for Advent, particularly at the beginning. It is a time when the Christmas menu is planned, gifts are bought or made, then wrapped, carols are sung, Christmas cards are sent and houses are decorated with Christmas-themed lights and other decorations. Advent customs in some European countries, such as Germany, include lighting candles and hanging special Advent wreaths.

Public life

The first Sunday of Advent is not a nationwide public holiday in countries such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. However, churches may be busy on this day, as are families who use the beginning of Advent as a time to prepare for the Christmas season.


It is uncertain as to when exactly the celebration of Advent was first introduced in the Christian church. Some sources say that Advent began on November 11 (St Martin's Day) at some time in the fifth century in the form of a six-week fast leading to Christmas. Advent was reduced to its current length at some stage in the sixth century and the fasting was later no longer observed.

It was customary, although no longer practiced, for poor women to carry “Advent images”, which were two dolls dressed to represent Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the northern parts of England. Those who saw the dolls were expected to give a donation in form of money and bad luck was believed to occur to those who were not visited by the doll-bearers before Christmas Eve.

Advent is originally a time to reflect and prepare for Christmas similarly to how Lent is in preparation for Easter. Advent has sometimes been referred to as the Winter Lent.  In recent times the restrictions that Advent brings to Christians have become more relaxed.


Purple is historically the main color used for Advent because it reflects penitence, fasting, and the color of royalty to welcome the Advent of the king (Jesus Christ). The focus of the entire season is the celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ in his first Advent, and the anticipation of the return of Christ the King in his second Advent. Some churches use other colors in recent times. For example, some churches mark the third Sunday of Advent with pink or rose, colors that represent joy. Many Protestant churches use blue to distinguish the Season of Advent from Lent.

Advent wreaths are symbolic of Advent in some countries. They are usually made of fir and decorated with gold and silver ribbons or scarlet woolen threads. Lit wreaths may be displayed on the table where family and friends sit while singing carols and preparing handmade gifts.

Gambling With the Nation's Future

"No government, any more than an individual, will long be respected without being truly respectable." --James Madison
Democrats' fiscal offer

The Reason Obama is President

The Reason Obama is President. 48448.jpeg
The reason America has the trillion dollar war monger Obama as president today is because of immorality and materialism in America. President John Adams once said,
"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." -October 11, 1798.
"It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and Bible" - George Washington.
Thomas Jefferson wrote: "God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a gift from God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever."

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Liberalism: Psychosis, evil or ignorance?

By Xavier Lerma
Are liberals mentally ill, spiritually depraved or just ignorant good-hearted people trying to improve society? Liberalism defined by Merriam-Webster: "a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race". It sounds nice but history has already proven that political liberalism is not beneficial. Unfortunately, many still adhere to its philosophy which has led many psychiatrists to examine this behavior.
One such psychiatrist, Dr. Lyle Rossiter wrote the book:
"The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness."
"Psychopathology of the Liberal Mind: The adult drive toward omnipotent control of others, in any arena whatever, is rooted in fears of separation, abandonment loss or abuse--the residual effects of early attachment gone wrong. The need to dominate others arises from the tyrant's need for absolute assurance that the catastrophic loss of dependency or the pain of abuse so devastating to him in his earliest years will not be repeated."
"Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave."
Dr. Lyle Rossiter has 37 years experience with more than 1,500 patients as a board certified clinical psychiatrist. He is also a board certified forensic psychiatrist who has examined more than 2,700 civil and criminal cases. He was educated at the University of Chicago.

Susan Rice’s Enrichment Program


6 Fixes to America's Fiscal Crisis

Is a Good, Old-Fashioned Purge in Order for the GOP?

Is a Good, Old-Fashioned Purge in Order for the GOP? * Erik Rush Full Story On November 19, *Pravda’s* Xavier Lerma wrote an article asserting that President (I use the term loosely) Barack Obama had been re-elected “by an illiterate society.” Some conservatives have been wont to dismiss and ridicule some of the dead-on assessments of the former Soviet newspaper since it was once in fact a Soviet newspaper.

The Middle East minefield


Alan Caruba
November 29, 2012

I often wonder whether Americans really care about the outcome of events as regards Israel. I know that a segment of American Jews are concerned and that evangelical Christians may care even more.

I can't escape the feeling, though, that other than the horror of an Iranian nuclear missile blowing up Israel and killing its citizens (both Jewish and Muslim), that most Americans are not that committed to its survival. I suspect that most Europeans are even less committed.

I cite Israel because of the hostility of all others in the Middle East, but they may not be as hostile as things appear. Israel is a major deterrent to Iran's ambitions.

Things are never what they seem in the Middle East.

A recent article in by Doug Hagmann suggests that the Benghazi affair that the Obama administration is trying to get passed actually masks a major arms movement from Libya to the Syrian rebels in order to overthrow its dictator, Bashar Assad. Hagmann asserts that it was a CIA operation, not a diplomatic one, and what was attacked was not a consulate, but rather a site for the storage and transmittal of weapons. The attack was an effort to disrupt it by those seeking to keep Assad in power, both Russia and Iran.

The major actors in this are the U.S., Turkey, and Egypt. The main benefactor would be Saudi Arabia whose oil fields are within the range of Iranian missiles. The Russians are part of the picture because they do not want to lose a key Syrian port for its naval ships, but Russia, too, is a major oil producer and anything that might harm its interests is seen as a bonus.

After 9/11 when the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were attacked Americans supported an energetic response, but after George W. Bush committed troops to Afghanistan and Iraq it wasn't long before Americans decided it was a bad idea. Too many memories of Vietnam along with too much cost in blood and treasure took the edge off of the reprisal in Afghanistan or the deposing of Iraq's Saddam Hussein. Iraq is an oil producer as well, but is now allied with the Iranians where its president found sanctuary during Saddam Hussein's reign of terror.

Leon Trotsky, an associate of Stalin, once said, "You might not be interested in war, but war may be interested in you." Wars occur in various ways, deliberate and accidental, but it is the latter that would seem the case these days in a Middle East where Hamas engaged in a lengthy barrage of rockets and then acted surprised that Israel responded, killing a number of their top people and inflicting a lot of damage in Gaza.

Hamas was acting under the orders from Iran. The president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, brokered a cease fire deal, but also decided he wants to be the next dictator of Egypt. Who saw that coming? The Egyptians had risked life and limb in Cairo's Tahrir Square to depose Hosni Mubarack and then turned around and voted Morsi into office.

What were they thinking? Why didn't they embrace a more secular leader? The answer is that Islam is everything in the Middle East. Muslims cannot change and it is foolish to think they will. If you loved the seventh century, you will love the Middle East.

Egypt is important to the U.S. What happens there determines much of the direction the Middle East takes. That explains why the Obama administration wants to forgive a billion in debt and to throw another billion or more at Morsi by way of enlisting him to act as a counter weight to Hamas. On Nov 24 Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinejad was on the phone to Hamas's Ismail Haniya and with Jihad Islami leaders to assure them they would be receiving munitions to refill their arsenals.

Reportedly, Obama has agreed to send U.S. troops to Egypt's Sinai to interdict the arms smuggling routes through the desert to Gaza. Indeed, it was this offer that is said to have gotten Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu to back off a ground invasion, but in this three dimensional game of chess, Israel, Egypt, and Turkey are all working with the U.S.

The U.S. Navy has been busy throughout the brief conflict and earlier. For years it has taken up permanent residency off the coast of Iran and in the Persian Gulf. Other elements are presently positioned off the coast of Syria where their Russian counterparts can also be found.

Bashar Assad has made Turkey very nervous. Moscow, Tehran, and Damascus want to keep him alive. Turkey borders Syria, Iraq, and Iran, and is in proximity of Russia, bordering Georgia. It has its hands full just tending to the thousands of Syrians that have fled there. The U.S. is providing Turkey with Patriot missiles and AWACs, manned by U.S. military, and that could become yet another flashpoint.

None of the nations involved want a really big war to break out.

The wild card is Israel whose very existence is threatened by Iran. The U.S. is doing what it can to avoid that. So far the cooperation is working. If Iran announces it has nuclear weapons or Israeli intelligence determines that's the case, all bets are off.

The major beneficiary of all of this is Saudi Arabia and, as the leader of the majority Sunni Muslims worldwide, it has no love for Shiite Iran. In effect the U.S. intelligence capabilities and its military have become its mercenary army, eliminating Saddam Hussein, standing aside when Mubarack and Gaddafi fell and now working to eliminate Bashar Assad.

The U.S. doesn't mind working with dictators, so long as they are "our" dictators, friendly to our interests.

Mortgage Interest Deduction, Once a Sacred Cow, Is Under Scrutiny


Chris O?Meara/Associated PressA home for sale in September in Riverside, Fla. Limits on mortgage interest deductions are likely to be part of federal budget talks.

A tax break that has long been untouchable could soon be in for some serious scrutiny.

Many home buyers deduct their mortgage interest when assessing their tax bill, a perk that has helped bolster the income of millions of families ? and the broader housing market.

But as President Obama and Congress try to hash out a deal to reduce the budget deficit, the mortgage interest deduction will likely be part of the discussion.
Limits on a broad array of deductions could emerge in any budget deal. It is likely that any caps would be structured to aim at high-income households, and would diminish or end the mortgage tax break for many of those taxpayers.
?This is definitely a chance worth jumping for,? said Amir Sufi, a professor at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. ?For a fixed amount of revenue, it?s better to remove deductions than increase marginal tax rates.?
Such a move would be fiercely opposed by the real estate industry. The industry has played a crucial role in defending the tax break, even as other countries with high homeownership have phased it out.
Housing market players who oppose any whittling down of the mortgage deduction still have plenty of time to press their case before Congress makes a decision. If President Obama and Congress do manage to reach an agreement to avoid the looming tax raises and spending cuts, their deal will be broad in nature. Then, over the following months, Congress will hash out details, like any caps on deductions.
?Until Congress introduces specific legislation, there?s nothing to say about any proposed changes to the mortgage interest deduction,? Gary Thomas, president of the National Association of Realtors, said in an e-mailed statement. ?However, it has always been the N.A.R.?s position that the mortgage interest deduction is vital to the stability of the American housing market and economy, and we will remain vigilant in opposing any future plan that modifies or excludes the deductibility of mortgage interest.?
One of the reasons the mortgage tax break is so vulnerable is that both Democrats and Republicans have recently favored capping deductions, including both President Obama and the recent Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.
What is more, deductions could be used to grease a compromise in the budget negotiations. High earners would be hit most by deduction limits, something that might make Republicans recoil. But the party may tolerate such a policy in return for a deal that limits how much actual tax rates go up for high-income households.
Taken on its own, the deduction limit wouldn?t make a huge difference. But it can play an important role in a broad plan to cut the deficit, and shows a willingness to tackle once sacred cows. The tax numbers suggest it may not be hard to structure deduction limits in a way that leaves most middle-income households untouched.
With the mortgage interest deduction, households realized tax savings of $83 billion in 2010, according to figures from the Reason Foundation. The bulk of those savings are enjoyed by the higher earners.
There are a range of ways to increase tax revenue by aiming at higher earners, some less comprehensive than others. For instance, the interest deduction relating to second homes could be ended. Also, the cap on mortgage debt eligible for the interest rate deduction ? currently $1 million ? could be reduced.
There are broader approaches, too. In its proposed budget, the Obama administration plans to focus on top earners. The administration suggests capping deductions at 28 percent for high-income households, those earning more than $250,000.
Under the current rules, a high-earning household deducting $20,000 in interest payments would probably apply a 35 percent rate to that amount and receive $7,000 in tax savings. The Obama budget aims to limit that tax saving by capping that rate at 28 percent. If that rate were applied to $20,000 of interest payments, the saving would fall to $5,800.
The United States would capture the difference. Over the next 10 years, that 28 percent cap could increase tax revenue by $584 billion, according to the Treasury Department.
Separately, the Obama administration also wants to limit high earners? deductions by letting certain Bush-era exemptions expire. Altogether, the Treasury Department thinks it could raise $749 billion over 10 years by limiting deductions for higher earners. That?s substantially more than the $684 billion it thinks it could raise from increasing their tax rates.
Still, there are situations where certain middle-income earners do get hit by deduction limits.
Consider a policy that uses a dollar limit, and caps all deductions at $35,000. That amount would be plenty to cover most middle-income households? mortgage interest, state and local taxes and charitable giving.
But people earning more than $100,000 may start to reach the limit, according to Sidney B. Rosenberg, associate professor emeritus at the University of North Florida. He assumes a household earns $110,000 and has a $300,000 mortgage on which it pays $17,500 a year. It also pays property taxes and state taxes at estimated nationally average rates. Such a family would have nearly $35,000 of deductible expenses, Dr. Rosenberg calculates.
One argument against curtailing the mortgage deduction is that it could reduce demand for housing, depressing home prices when the housing market is still somewhat weak. The National Association of Realtors believes a removal of the deduction could reduce property values by 15 percent, according to a presentation last year from its chief economist, Lawrence Yun.
Other analysts say they believe the housing industry overstates the potential impact. With several forms of government subsidy also supporting housing, it?s hard to single out the effect of the mortgage deduction. At the most, the Reason Foundation estimates, the deduction may bolster house prices by 3 percent.
Since any deduction cap is likely to aim at higher earners, expensive houses would be most affected. But big-ticket homes appear much more resilient to shocks than lower-cost dwellings.
CoreLogic, a housing data company, tracks data that effectively divides the market into higher- and lower-cost houses, grouping them based on the size of the mortgages. The prices of the higher-cost houses are up 5.9 percent since the start of 2005, before the housing crash. In contrast, the houses at the lower end have fallen 13.5 percent in price since the beginning of 2005.
Given the apparent sturdiness of the higher end of the housing market, politicians may decide there are few risks in effectively capping mortgage deductions for high earners. Limiting tax breaks in a way that could reduce mortgage relief would be a change for Washington, which has done so much to support housing.
Nick Kasprak, an analyst at the Tax Foundation, said that up until recently he didn?t expect to see a cap on deductions. ?But now,? he said, ?it seems both parties are open to pursuing this strategy.?
A version of this article appeared in print on 11/27/2012, on page B1 of the NewYork edition with the headline: A Tax Break Once Sacred Is Now Seen As Vulnerable.
Submitted by : Claire Golaszewski

FBI May Impound ‘Pro-Obama’ Voting Machines

Despite there being evidence of massive voter fraud in the presidential election; despite the Obama Administration suppressing the traditionally conservative military vote by “losing” absentee ballots and simply mailing them out too late to make a difference, election officials have, as expected, ignored the mounting calls to investigate whether Obama actually won the election.
Now a movement is afoot to impound the thousands of voting machines that “malfunctioned”, switching a Romney vote to one for Obama. Some local officials have put the suspected voting machines in “quarantine” before they can be erased of information to determine if, in fact, the Obama campaign hacked into the machines.
Many local officials are calling on the FBI to do a forensic analysis of the voting machines—which are really computers—to determine if they have, in fact, been “hacked.”

Virginia’s AG Cuccinelli Urged To Investigate 2012 Voter Fraud

On radio station WMAL, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is grilled about vote fraud. Will he help us?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Target: Old White Men

By Selwyn Duke

While modern society prides itself on being unbiased, it's no exception to the rule that every age has its fashionable prejudices -- and unfashionable people. Among the latter today are white men, and the closer they are to "dead white male" status, to use a favored leftist descriptive, the greater the disdain in which they're held.

Thus do we see sneering at "old white men." Earlier this year, Senator Harry Reid -- one well acquainted through experience with old-white-male machinations -- complained of "angry old white men" who bankroll conservative causes. More recently, the old-white-media paper the Guardian published a piece about America's changing demographics titled, in part, "No country for angry old white men...." Ah, yes, it's not just that they're old, white, and men, that Triad of Turpitude. They're "angry," too. So just dismiss them out of hand, with their agenda born of blinding, irrational hatred. It's another example of projection, from the group (leftists) that makes intellect-clouding emotionalism an art.


The Governing Class and the Decline of America

By Steve McCann

The United States will not reverse its descent into the abyss of financial and societal bankruptcy until the current political and governing establishment is replaced. That will not happen until the American people, who have been deliberately ill-educated and deceived, experience first-hand the early stages of the turmoil and suffering extant in Europe and elsewhere.

While professing to care for the interests of the average person, the underlying motivation for the vast majority of the governing class or Establishment is first and foremost self-aggrandizement and the acquisition of wealth. While a few may be motivated by ideology, the preponderance are not.

There are no offices on Connecticut Avenue in Washington D.C. with signs reading "The Republican Establishment" or the "The Democratic Establishment"; rather it is an amalgam of like-minded groups with one common interest: the control of the government purse-strings and the attendant power contained within.

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What It’s Like to Go to War


November 20, 2012

America has been at war for over a decade, with millions of soldiers having seen death and dying up close in Afghanistan and Iraq. But most Americans — watching comfortably on their TVs and computers, witness to statistics, speeches, and “expert” rhetoric — don’t get what’s really going on there. In this encore broadcast, Bill talks to Karl Marlantes — a highly-decorated Vietnam veteran, Rhodes Scholar, author, and PTSD survivor — about what we on the insulated outside need to understand about the minds and hearts of our modern warriors. Marlantes shares with Bill intimate stories about how his battlefield experiences both shaped and nearly destroyed him, even after returning to civilian life.
“’Thou shalt not kill’ is a tenet you just do not violate, and so all your young life, that’s drilled into your head. And then suddenly, you’re 18 or 19 and they’re saying, ‘Go get ‘em and kill for your country.’ And then you come back and it’s like, ‘Well, thou shalt not kill’ again. Believe me, that’s a difficult thing to deal with,” Marlantes tells Bill. “You take a young man and put him in the role of God, where he is asked to take a life — that’s something no 19-year-old is able to handle.”
Editor’s Update:
During this conversation, Bill and Marlantes discuss the case of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, a U.S. soldier accused of murdering Afghan civilians on March 11, 2012. Since this show was taped, a pretrial hearing into Bales’ alleged crimes concluded on November 13 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington. The Army charged that Bales should receive the death penalty for killing 16 Afghan civilians. His defense attorney argued there were remaining questions about the crime, and issues involving Bales’ mental and physical state. Senior officials in the Army will make the final decision whether to proceed to a court-martial trial, though no timeline has been provided for when that decision will be reached.


Karl Marlantes on the Mindset of a Modern Warrior

Obama Pardons Turkey with Sign of the Cross


Father Z recently wrote a piece about blasphemy and the way in which President Obama is depicted.

And a good friend of mine just gave me a heads up about this. Did you know that Obama pardoned the turkey this Thanksgiving with a sign of the cross. It was a flippant gesture, I'm sure. But it really does rub me the wrong way because to this man - the most influential and powerful man in the world - religion is a punch line. Bitter clingers and all that stuff.

  This is a man who's attacked the Catholic Church like no other president before him. Fr. Z said "I have occasionally quipped here that during Obama’s third term, men like me will be hunted down and dealt with." I wonder if Obama will pardon Christians like he did the turkey.

Submitted by : Claire Golaszewski,

Make the Democrats own the Obama economy

Ann Coulter Letter | Powerful Conservative Voices
One bright spot of Barack Obama's re-election was knowing that unemployment rates were about to soar for the precise groups that voted for him -- young people, unskilled workers and single women with degrees in gender studies. But now the Democrats are sullying my silver lining by forcing Republicans to block an utterly pointless tax-raising scheme in order to blame the coming economic Armageddon on them.

Democrats are proposing to reinstate the Bush tax cuts for everyone ... except "the rich."

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Do The Socialists Own You?

A large sharp thorn in the leftist, radical, health care proposals brought to us by Obama?s friends is the question of who owns you? This thorn stuck me in every square inch of my body as I read excerpts from HR3200 and also the section of the Stimulus Bill that handed over our rights to unelected Czars. The arrogant assumptions made in the health care legislation are simply that bureaucrats in the Federal Government know better than you do about what is good for you, and that they have the right to force you into their socialist traps.

Slavery has many faces. Socialism is just another form of slavery. Period. No question. Socialism takes your person and hands it over to government bureaucrats. The blacks who are having fits over Obama and calling everyone who disagrees with him a racist are buying into slavery to the Federal Government because it is sponsored by one of their own. And if you are white and you disagree with Obama, the knee jerk reaction of the blacks is that you are a racist, which could not be further from the truth. This is upside down total insanity, the likes of which I cannot fathom. White people in this country fought for the rights of blacks. White people brought us a Constitution which acknowledges and insures the rights of individuals of any color. So why the disconnect? Does the fact that white people did these things offend blacks?

The first clue we had was Jeremiah Wright, who mentored Obama for twenty years. The message of Wright?s church was Black Liberation Theology, a theme of irrational hate towards white people and the United States. The mainstream media played that down as if the issue was just white people being ?racist? again by complaining about that. But here we are now and Black Liberation Theology is being slammed down America?s throat. How? By the Obama administration making sure that every single criticism against them is deemed ?racist.? The Obama administration is in the process of dividing America racially as much as any historical act of slavery ever did. This time, the ruse is so clever that it is a black man in charge of the Federal Government who is enslaving people. At this point I am picturing the glee of Obama and his henchmen at the prospects of actually getting away with enslaving all of Americans for their own power mad agenda.

The obvious irony is that black people are buying into slavery. And they are buying it because it is a black bringing it on. Do they see it as some kind of ?pay back? for some fictional offense that has not taken place since the 1940?s? Does this generation of blacks have a clue about how they are losing their rights to Obama?s tyranny along with the rest of us? Or are they just blinded by the idea that because Obama is half black that he must be on their side? I?m sorry to report this, but no, he isn?t. He is on his own side, period. He is doing what greases his bank account, inflates his ego, and gives him power. If you are black, why can?t you see that? If you are black you are going to be more marginalized by Obama, but this time all of us are marginalized, whatever color. Do blacks enjoy marginalization as long as whites are marginalized along with them?? Is that the rationale?

My family and I have never participated in any kind of racist activity against black people. Yet, I see that Obama?s plans include punishing me, along with every other citizen in the country, by enslaving us to his socialist agenda.

This is a test, America. Either you believe in freedom for all of us, or you don?t. Can you imagine how happy we would all be if Obama were in the business of protecting rights for all of us instead of usurping power from us, taking away rights from all of us, and tearing the Constitution to shreds? It is then that blacks in America could truly celebrate this man. Instead, Obama has chosen to enslave us all. A very sad turn of events, indeed.

November 28, 2012 by Cheryl Pass

Submitted by : Claire Golaszewski

Get on Track for Sustainability


Bruce Bartlett
Despite Republican propaganda to the contrary, the long-term fiscal problem of the United States is principally that revenues are too low. If fixing this problem required a legislated tax increase, the nation would be in serious trouble, because Republicans will forever block it as long as they have the ability. Fortunately, they handed Barack Obama the power to permanently fix our fiscal problem if he has the courage and skill to use it.

The core problem, from the Republicans’ point of view, is that they stupidly enacted temporary tax cuts during the George W. Bush administration. Their expiration creates a bludgeon that could eventually beat sense into them on the tax issue.

What the 2012 Election Reveals About America

Bob Herbert and Reihan Salam on What the 2012 Election Reveals About America

Letter from an Ohio Farmer


September 17, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

light of Christmas






The Art of Keeping Christmas

A woman ahead of her time: Jane Alexander and Frieda Lawrence

Lawrence And Frieda
That iconic figure, the Venus of Willendorf, is perhaps 25,000 years old, but her "earth mother" image is timeless. Woman as the fertile bearer and nurturer of humankind, with the power to both inspire and protect men, especially, is an ongoing symbol in Western literature.
Novelist D.H. Lawrence didn't need a symbol, because he had his Venus in the flesh -- Frieda, his wife of 16 years. She was his helpmate, literary adviser and sexual mentor during his most productive years as a novelist, starting with "Sons and Lovers" in 1913 and ending with "Lady Chatterly's Lover" in 1928.
He was six years younger than the 32-year-old German-born member of the von Richthofen clan and showed promise, but no success, as a writer. It was a gamble for both of them, one that paid off, but not without heavy costs along the way.
Their peripatetic life together was scandalous and outside the norms of conventional society of the post-World War I era -- rich material for drama.
However, it is Frieda's life before and after Lawrence -- he died in 1930 -- that is the focus of "A Moon to Dance By," a new play opening at the Pittsburgh Playhouse Repertory Company Friday.
Playing the redoubtable and often outrageous character is prize-winning actress Jane Alexander, veteran of Broadway, Hollywood and TV. She also was chairwoman of the National Endowment of the Arts, where she led the fight in the mid-'90s to maintain funding and Congressional support for the arts community.
Her equally accomplished husband, Edwin Sherin, directs the debut production written by Thom Thomas, a Western Pennsylvania native and former artistic director of the Playhouse.
The star quality is unusually bright for an untried play staged in Pittsburgh, but both Alexander and Sherin are as enthusiastic as a couple doing an O'Neill play on Broadway.
"The reason for doing this play is about how it presents relationships with a clarity and authenticity," said Alexander last week in the couple's pleasantly furnished apartment in Shadyside, where they are staying for the play's run. "Of course, there's also the enormous presence of Frieda Lawrence. She was an extraordinary woman, truly ahead of her time."
Unlike the tall, long-haired actress, Frieda was a short, stout woman with wild, tousled hair in 1939, the year of the play and also of Alexander's birth.
"It's up to the costume designer to make me look the part," the actress said, smiling. "Frieda did bulk up as she got older, but when she was young she had that hourglass figure. Zoftig, you'd call it."
As an actress who played both the wife and mother of Franklin Roosevelt in TV productions, winning an Emmy in the process, Alexander knows the demands of playing historical figures.
She also does her homework. As she and Sherin, who directed her in her first Broadway play, "The Great White Hope," in 1968, discussed Frieda's life, Alexander demonstrated a well-researched knowledge of her character.
Frieda and Lawrence met in Nottingham, England, in the spring of 1912, and "within 20 minutes, they were in bed," goes the legend of Frieda's extraordinary allure and earthy sexiness. She quickly left her husband, Ernest Weekley -- Lawrence's professor at Nottingham University College -- and their three children for the gaunt, pale writer with the haunting eyes.
The play is set after Lawrence's death, at Frieda's ranch near Taos, N.M., where she lives with lover Angelo Ravagli (played by Robert Cuccioli), an Italian army officer 15 years her junior.
That relationship is worth a play in itself, but Thomas confines his two-act drama to several days during the visit of Frieda's son Montague Weekley (Gareth Saxe).
"Here we have the mother, son and her lover meeting just days before World War II breaks out," Alexander points out. "Imagine the possibilities."
"It's about choices," Sherin added, "about choosing between your children and your lover. Frieda loved her children, but she also made a major commitment to Lawrence. The play explores this [issue] with great insight."
He added that Ravagli also left a wife and three children for Frieda soon after Lawrence died. They eventually married, but after her death in 1956, he returned to his wife in Italy.
Although several biographies refer to the reunion between mother and son, there are few details of the visit. Weekley was 39 and a museum curator in London when he reached Taos, then an arduous journey.
Their visit was brief, lasting from July 2 to July 5. Thomas unearthed the details from letters and travel documents as part of his extensive research.
"Certainly, throughout the play, the presence of Lawrence hangs over the characters," said Sherin. "Frieda remained emotionally close to him even though he was dead for nine years."
With Ravagli's help, Frieda brought Lawrence's ashes from France where he had died and installed them in a memorial on the ranch.
(Several legends claim that either the ashes really came from a fireplace because Ravagli couldn't get them out of France or that he mistakenly left them at the railroad station after arriving in New Mexico.)

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Here is a link for some of best adult Romance Books ever written

The Weekly Standard

With Thanksgiving behind us we've now reached the Hollywood Serious Movie SeasonTM. This time of year I'm always reminded of screenwriting legend William Goldman's Oscar quip, "This was the worst year in the history of movies. And next year it will be worse." Goldman first wrote that in the mid-1980s and it’s pretty much held true ever since. (If you like movies and wonder why they aren’t very good anymore, treat yourself to a copy of Goldman's first non-fiction book, Adventures in the Screen Trade. You won't be sorry.)

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Say Merry Christmas


The Other Side




IVF as science fiction


Judie Brown
November 28, 2012

The mentality that having a child is a project or an achievement is becoming more prevalent in our society. Gone seem to be the days where babies are seen as a blessing from God — no matter the gender, the eye color, or the level of ability they can attain. We now must watch as scientists work toward "creating" that "perfect" child — no matter the cost. And what exactly will this do to our society in the future? Read today's commentary for Judie Brown's insights. . . . [Click for more]
Human Body: In Vitro Fertilization And Also

Media Awards 2012

A closer look at the big picture.

Simple and to the point...the MSM is a MESS. Let us hear from YOU on this.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Letter From Local Target Store


After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to Target.


By Rev. George William Rutler, S.T.D., Pastor of Church of Our Saviour, New York City

An Apostolic Nuncio functions as an ambassador representing the Pope in countries that have diplomatic relations with the Holy See. In certain countries the Apostolic Nuncio is de facto the Dean of the
Diplomatic Corps. For instance, Archbishop Charles Brown of our ownarchdiocese, who is a friend of our parish, has that role in Ireland.

Sandra Fluke - Time Magazine's Person of the Year?

The magazine wrote this in her bio at the page where Americans can vote NO on Fluke.

The daughter of a conservative Christian pastor, Sandra Fluke, 31, became a women's-rights activist in college and continued her advocacy as a law student at Georgetown. After she complained about being denied a chance to testify at a Republican-run House hearing on insurance coverage for birth control, Rush Limbaugh called Fluke a "slut." Democrats and many Republicans reacted with outrage, and the left made Limbaugh's slur Exhibit A in what they called a GOP "war on women." Fluke, meanwhile, weathered the attention with poise and maturity and emerged as a political celebrity. Democrats gave her a national-convention speaking slot as part of their push to make reproductive rights a central issue in the 2012 presidential campaign — one that helped Barack Obama trounce Mitt Romney among single women on Election Day.

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The Coming Fall and Eventual Rebirth of America

By Frank Ryan

The hope that many of us had that the nightmare of the Obama presidency would end faded into the night on November 6th. In reality though, "hope" was not very much of a plan.

It's official: Obama voter fraud reason for "reelection"/growing totalitarian government

Comment :
I believe it is an American duty to follow-up on this article...however, proceed with caution and God's supreme guidance. Amen?

Hi ho: We Go Off The Cliff We Go !!!

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Morning headlines for Monday, November 26
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Trying To Turn Obama Voters Into Tax Allies
The New York Times
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
The New York Times similarly reports on different efforts by the President to reach out to his supporters and other groups pressing on the fiscal cliff issue. The Times explains "the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has begun a multimedia campaign that it says is intended to prevent a financial disaster if Congress and the president do not reach an agreement. The Chamber's site has a 'Fiscal Cliff Countdown' clock, a calculator to determine 'your post-taxmageddon taxes' and links to e-mail members of Congress."
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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